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Bunkabin's portable toilets are convenient, hygenic and easy to connect, and are therefore ideal for use on any temporary site where many personnel, such as staff on a busy construction site, are working. All of our toilet units offer the same exceptional standards you expect from any facilities in the Bunkabin range.

Our toilets have the following features:

  • Flushing toilets
  • Hand-washing facilities
  • Hot water

Manufactured at our purpose-built factory in Oldham, our toilet facilities cater for all needs and both sexes. The range includes our Junior Toilet Block with facilities for both men (including two waterless urinals) and women (including a spacious toilet cubicle), and our fantastic unisex Deluxe Toilet that is sure to impress in even the most glamorous of settings.

Find out more about our temporary toilet facilities for hire and the various other portable units in the Bunkabin portfolio by getting in touch today. There are many ways to do so, simply pick the option that is most convenient for you. Either call us on 0345 456 7899, request a viewing using the form on the side of this page or contact us here.

Why Bunkabin portable toilets?

The modular portable toilet units from Bunkabin are the ideal solution for any temporary site, serving many people at any one time. They are clean, convenient and spacious, and satisfy the statutory requirements of the Workplace Regulations 1992 (Health, Safety and Welfare) for sanitary and washing facilities.

Our toilet range includes:

Toilet Block

Also known as a '2 plus 1', the Toilet Block has an internal layout including two toilets on the left door and one toilet on the right, with the different sections catering for the different genders. Part of the Bunkabin Junior family along with our Junior Deluxe Sleeper and Junior Diner, the Toilet Block typically features two male toilets on the left door, with two waterless urinals, three sinks and a hand drier, and one female toilet on the right door, with a sink and hand dryer.

Each sink is set into a vanity unit with large mirrors and LED lighting throughout, while the units are heated through tubular heating.

Deluxe Toilet

A top-of-the-range, spacious unisex toilet designed for high-end events, such as weddings, our Deluxe Toilet is luxurious, spacious and light. It includes an extended vanity unit to house belongings and mirrors are located throughout. It is extremely versatile and although ideal for female use, it is just as effective in unisex mode to ensure all needs are met.


Bunkabin is a family business with more than 37 years of experience to draw from. We provide temporary units, including portable sleeping accommodation, diners and toilets to businesses and institutions across the UK in many different industries, including construction, agriculture and higher education.

We always follow the ethos of 'treat people how you like to be treated' and this is why our approach to customer service is so renowned. We want you to enjoy working with us and we try to make the whole process as simple and straightforward as possible, ensuring you have one less thing to worry about and allowing you to concentrate on your own job.


Getting in touch with the Bunkabin team to discuss our portable toilet facilities, or any of the other products is easy. Either give us a call on 0345 456 7899 or contact us here.

Floor Plan

Optional Extras

To view our accessories, please visit our dedicated accessories page


What power supply do I need?

All of our units, with the exception of the Junior Diner, come with a 240v 32amp Ceeform 2P+E Plug.

The Junior Diner has a 240V 63A Ceeform 2P+E Blue Plug.

Do we need planning permission?

Yes, cabins sited for more than 28 days may require planning permission. However, they are a portable structure and we advise that you speak to your local planning office before placing your order. It is the hirer’s responsibility to organise any planning permission required.

What is the drainage connection?

For more information see the ‘Technical Details’ on the main product page of each unit type - through 'Our Cabins'.

The following units all have a 110mm waste outlet at the rear of the unit

Junior Sleeper, Deluxe Sleeper, Bespoke Sleeper, Toilet Block, Deluxe Shower & Toilet

The remainder all have a 40mm waste outlet at the rear of the unit

Junior Diner, Twin Shower

The waste outlets can be connected to a push fit type connection and fed into either the sewage main drains or our ‘waste tanks’.

We can supply 900 gallon waste tanks with your order however, you will need to have this emptied by a local contractor. We will help you find a reputable local contractor. Click here to see our optional extras.

Do you deliver anywhere in the UK?

Yes we deliver nationwide. Please call for a delivery cost. 0345 456 7899

Will I get charged for cleaning?

Our fundamental principle is to 'treat customers how we would want to be treated'. The hire industry is quickly gaining a reputation for dishing out petty end-of-hire cleaning\damage charges. Often these charges are routinely generated to make up for unsustainably low hire rates. We are different. We don't expect the unit to come back spotless and understand there will be some wear and tear. We will charge for damage but I'm sure you'll agree that is only fair.

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