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Your Questions Answered

Please find below a list of the questions we are frequently asked:

How to connect to services

All of our units connect to electricity, water and waste and have the same connection for each service, so you can provide residents with a convenient and comfortable stay. See our full connection guide page here.

Do we need planning permission?

Cabins sited for more than 28 days may require planning permission. However, they are a portable structure and we advise that you speak to your local planning office before placing an order. It is the hirer’s responsibility to organise any required planning permission.

Can units double stack?

Our units are physically capable of being double stacked. However, building regulations require a six-metre gap between double-stacked units and adjacent buildings. This means there is no real space saved by double stacking. Many other issues restrict double stacking, but this is the main one.

Is insurance included in the hire rate?

Insurance is not included in the hire rate. As part of our standard terms and conditions, it is the hirer’s responsibility to arrange insurance at 200 times the weekly hire rate.

Are Sleeper units available as a one, two or three person unit?

Our Junior Deluxe Sleeper is available as a one, two or three person unit (Single, Twin and Triple). The Deluxe Sleeper is available as a one or two person unit (Single and Twin). The Bespoke Sleeper is a single occupancy unit.

Unfortunately, none of our Sleepers are available or adaptable to accommodate a double bed; however, our single beds are very comfortable.

What is the largest sleeper you make and hire?

The largest single unit we manufacture and hire is a one-man Bespoke Sleeper, which is 2.870m x 4.325m, which is slightly bigger than the one-man Deluxe Sleeper by millimetres. Both units include an en-suite bathroom (shower, toilet and sink), full-size single bed, microwave, fridge, desk and a chest of drawers - but still feel extremely spacious.

The largest twin unit is the Bespoke Twin Sleeper, which is the same as size as the Bespoke Sleeper, but rather than a desk and chest of drawers, there is another full-size single bed.

Are mattresses included?

Mattresses are included. We also sell bedding kits made up of a duvet and cover, pillow and case, bed sheet and a bath towel. Kits are available as an optional extra with all our Sleeper units.

What power supply do I need?

All of our units, with the exception of the Junior Diner, come with a 240v 32 amp Ceeform 2P+E plug. The Junior Diner has a 240V 63A Ceeform 2P+E Blue Plug.

Will they run off a generator?

Yes, all of our units can run off a generator.

What is the drainage connection?

The draining connection differs for each type of unit. For more information, see the ‘Technical Details’ on the unit’s page. Click here to see all of our cabins.

Typically, the Junior Sleeper, Deluxe Sleeper, Bespoke Sleeper, Toilet Block and Deluxe Shower have a 110mm waste outlet at the rear of the unit. The remainder of units (Junior Diner and Twin Shower) have a 40mm waste outlet at the rear of the unit.

The waste outlets can be connected to a push-fit type connection and fed into either the main sewage drains or one of our waste tanks. Our 900 gallon waste tanks can be ordered as an add-on to any of our units.

How many waste tanks do we need?

Three sleeper units can be connected to a 900 gallon tank. On average usage and with twin occupancy, this would need to be emptied weekly.

How often do the waste tanks need emptying?

This is always a difficult question as it depends on how often the unit is used. However, if you have three units into one tank, it will need to be emptied once a week.

We don’t empty the tanks for you, but we can put in touch with a number of nationwide, reputable companies.

Do we need steps?

Steps are not required unless you are using our waste tanks. Units with tanks have to be sufficiently raised to allow adequate fall into the tank. We can supply steps with our units to make everything easier for you. However, you are welcome to use or build your own.

Can units run off a water bowser?

Yes, the best solution is to have a water bowser fitted with an on-demand pump. The water pressure that you get to the unit ultimately determines how powerful your shower is.

Do you delivery anywhere in the UK?

Yes, we deliver nationwide.

Can the delivery vehicle run on grass?

Under no circumstances should a wagon drive over grass, Murphy’s Law states that if the ground is hard during delivery it will be a muddy bog when the unit needs to be collected. Any wasted journeys will be charged at full rate.

Are they available for sale?

We are solely a hire company. We manufacture all of our units at our purpose-built factory. When the units come to the end of their life we recycle them.

How much notice for delivery?

This depends on the time of year. During the festival season, we are very busy and regularly run out of units. If units are available, we can deliver with a week's notice. However, we will always try and do better than a week.

What is the minimum hire period?

You can have units for one day, if you wish; however, we have a minimum charge that would cover a four-week hire. This charge covers the costs of cleaning and testing the unit is ready for hire.

Will I get charged for cleaning?

Our guiding principle is to ‘treat customers how we would want to be treated’. The hire industry is quickly gaining a reputation for dishing out end-of-hire cleaning/damage charges. Often, these charges are routinely generated to make up for unsuitably low-hire rates. We are different. We don’t expect the unit to come back spotless and understand there will be some wear and tear. We will charge for damage but we’re sure you’ll agree that is only fair.


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