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Temporary Accommodation for Film and TV Projects

Are you struggling to find suitable temporary accommodation for your upcoming film or TV project? Don’t let the stress of finding temporary accommodation take away from your project’s success. Unsuitable accommodations can lead to discomfort, inconvenience and ultimately impact the quality of your production.

Bunkabin provides comfortable and convenient accommodation and welfare facilities ensuring that project managers can focus on your project without worrying about any housing-related issues. We provide every type of unit you could possibly need for your film or TV project, including sleepers, diners, toilets and showers.

For more information about our portable accommodation for film and TV projects, contact the Bunkabin team today. It could not be easier to do so; simply call us on 0345 456 7899, request a viewing using the form on this page or get in touch using our contact page.

How Bunkabin Can Help Film and Television Studios

Our team is adept at providing support for a diverse range of film and TV projects, from blockbuster productions by film studios and popular series by television studios to independent films and niche programmes. With extensive experience, our team can assist your production companies in organising and managing your on-set accommodation needs.

The quality and comfort of our units guarantee that your cast and crew enjoy a restful night's sleep, while the excellent en-suite washing facilities ensure they begin the day feeling refreshed.

Moreover, our units help you save on costly off-site accommodation or lengthy commutes, as you can keep your staff on location or nearby. This ensures that your team is readily available, without the need to walk long distances, endure traffic jams, or wait for transportation to arrive at the set.

If you are a film or TV project manager looking to get planning permission for a film or TV project, take a look at our blog post 'Planning Permission for Film and TV'.

Our Accommodation and Welfare Facilities

We provide a range of portable temporary structures to ensure all your needs are met for any type of film or TV project. Our range of units includes:

  • Junior Deluxe Sleepers - this unit is available in single, twin and triple configurations and is one of our most popular and adaptable sleepers. It has an en-suite bathroom, ample amounts of storage, a sturdy steel roof and thermostatic-controlled heating as well as many other features designed to create a comfortable living space.
  • Deluxe Sleepers - offering 50% more bedroom space than the Junior Deluxe Sleeper, this unit is packed full of features, including a fitted fridge, microwave, two-tier wardrobe and bedside reading lamp.
  • Bespoke Sleepers - the unit is the same size as the Deluxe Sleeper but includes a range of additional features, including extra electrical sockets, full length LED task lighting and a state-of-the-art integral blind within the glass of the external K glass shutter window.
  • Junior Diners - featuring a full-size single fan-assisted oven, four-ringed electric hob, fitted microwave, full-size fridge, boiler water tap, large double sink and comfortable furniture.
  • Portable showers - our shower units provide clean, reliable and powerful shower facilities with comfortable changing areas, locks, heating and vanity units.
  • Toilets - toilet and deluxe toilet blocks provide comfortable and practical amenities for men and women. Includes waterless urinals, flushing toilets, large sinks, hand driers and large mirrors.

With our extensive selection of units, we provide your film and TV project staff with all the necessary dressing rooms, sleeping quarters and living amenities they need for a pleasant and comfortable stay on location on a TV or film set. Our units are designed to cater not only to crew members, but also to anyone else involved in the daily operations of a production - including your VIPs and talent.

Why Choose Bunkabin?

Bunkabin is a trusted family business with years of experience in providing tailored accommodation solutions for film and TV projects. Proudly built in Great Britain, our units can be deployed to locations across the country.

We recognise the challenges of organising and managing film and television productions, which is why we strive to make your collaboration with us as seamless and stress-free as possible. Guided by our ethos of ‘treating others how we would like to be treated’, we are committed to offering outstanding support and ensuring smooth operations, so everyone involved enjoys the experience.

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You can find out more about how we can help provide portable sleeping accommodation for your film or TV project by contacting us today on 0345 456 7899. Alternatively, complete our enquiry form on our contact page here.

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