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How Onsite Accommodation Keeps Your Team Together

Having a team that works well together is the backbone of any successful project. Many factors contribute to a well-functioning team, including the work environment. When workers have somewhere close by to rest and recover, they are much more likely to have better morale and team performance. High-quality portable temporary cabins are one way to facilitate this, allowing workers to reside onsite, or as close as possible.

In the following guide, we explore how onsite accommodation can improve team bonding and operational efficiency.

What Is Portable Temporary Cabin Accommodation?

Portable temporary cabin accommodations are prefabricated structures that can be easily assembled and disassembled, designed to provide temporary lodging facilities. In the UK market, a variety of these accommodations are available, suitable for diverse needs from construction sites to open-air festivals. Toilets and showers, Site Sleepers, common areas and changing rooms can all be provided to project sites, helping to meet the needs of workers and the legal obligations of project managers.

Enhancing Team Cohesion

One of the most significant advantages of onsite accommodation is that team members are in close proximity to each other. This enables easier, more efficient communication, whether it be formal team meetings or general socialisation on-site.

When a team lives and works close to each other, the chances of building stronger morale. Whether it’s cooking together in a shared kitchen or engaging in activities after work, these experiences contribute to a sense of community that can be beneficial for team morale. Team building activities can be more easily organised in the space and the project managers can decide whether team leaders should be housed close by to maintain company culture or separately to allow the other team members a degree of separation from their management.

Operational Efficiency

When a team lives on the project site, it reduces the stress and expenses that are often associated with commuting. But cutting down on commute times doesn't just save money; it also saves time that could be better spent on the project. In case of emergencies or urgent tasks, having everyone onsite means quicker response times, which can be essential in high-pressure environments.

Less time spent on the road means team members are fresher and more focused when they start their workday. Additionally, many portable cabins come equipped with essential amenities like Wi-Fi, enabling a more conducive work environment.

Financial Benefits

Compared to traditional accommodation solutions like hotels, portable cabins are a more cost-effective option. Not only are the upfront costs lower, but there's also the opportunity to reuse the cabins across various projects, leading to considerable savings in the long term for the entire team, including the leaders and project managers.

Additional Perks

  • Customisability: the layout of portable cabins can often be tailored to fit the specific needs of a project. Whether you require a meeting room or a recreational area, customisable options are available.
  • Environmentally friendly: opting for portable cabins often means choosing an eco-friendly solution. Many modern designs utilise energy-efficient systems and sustainable materials, helping to lower the project's overall carbon footprint.

Use portable solutions to enable successful teams

Portable temporary cabin accommodation presents a compelling case for any organisation that prioritises team cohesion and efficient operations. Bunkabin provides a range of portable solutions for use on project sites, and we have supported various industries, from music festivals to construction sites.

To learn more about how portable accommodation may benefit your project and team, call us today on 0345 456 7899, or fill out an online form and we'll be in touch at a time specified by you.


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