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How to Pick a Suitable Location for Temporary Student Accommodation

Navigating the challenges of student accommodation is a common predicament for UK universities and colleges. A spike in enrollments, campus renovations or unforeseen emergencies can all require additional living spaces. In these cases, it can be difficult to provide accommodation for the students and staff who need it.

Temporary accommodation solutions can meet this demand. Convenient and customisable, high-quality portable cabins can help you to meet your Health and Safety Executive (HSE) requirements, house a large number of students and staff, and provide them with the comfort and amenities they need.

In the following blog post, the temporary accommodation experts at Bunkabin explain how to pick the right location to install cabins, outlining the factors you will need to consider.

The Need for Temporary Accommodation in Education Settings

Educational institutions are dynamic environments. An increase in student numbers can leave permanent accommodation at a deficit. Similarly, refurbishments and new building projects, although vital for long-term campus health, can temporarily require students to move out of their accommodation. It's here that temporary accommodation becomes a key option.

Key Factors in Location Selection

First and foremost, temporary accommodation can be installed directly onto campus grounds, which alleviates any concerns about students suddenly needing to commute where they didn't before. This benefits library access, sports facilities and study groups. In cases where space is limited, finding a location with accessible transport links will make commutes easier, and the availability of local shops and social spots will improve student life.

Assessing a Site's Suitability

Beyond the immediate amenities, the geographical elements of the chosen site is essential. The ground must be prepared to host the portable units, ensuring their stability and integrity. In an urban environment, there may be large, open, paved spaces, but rural locations may struggle more, needing to implement measures to avoid the effects of bad weather. Accessibility is another critical factor, with pathways and entry points to support an inclusive student body.

Compliance and Permissions

Securing planning permissions, adhering to health and safety regulations and aligning with local building codes are legal requirements. Communicating with local authorities ensures that the temporary accommodation solutions meet community standards and contribute positively to the area.

Ensuring Student Wellbeing in Temporary Housing

A secure environment with considered noise control promotes both safety and educational focus. Community and connection also lie at the heart of student satisfaction. By creating communal spaces and facilitating social activities, these temporary setups become more than just places to stay; they become homes away from home, complete with the support services necessary to uphold a robust student welfare system.

Practical Considerations for Installation

The logistical process involved in delivering and setting up portable accommodations is one of the key benefits to using portable solutions. At Bunkabin, we pride ourselves on the fact we can deliver our cabins even to remote rural areas.

From the onset, you will need to consider utility connections and the provision of ongoing maintenance to keep the accommodation liveable and to a good standard.

Bunkabin Can Help

At Bunkabin, our rich portfolio of successful projects showcase our commitment to quality and university life. Read more on our case studies page, or call us today for advice on temporary accommodation options. Contact us at 0345 456 7899, or fill out an online contact form and we'll be in touch at a time suitable for you.


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