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What Amenities You Need to Provide for Student Accommodation

The demand for student accommodation has surged, bringing to the fore the importance of providing suitable living spaces for the academic community. In scenarios where traditional housing is inaccessible, perhaps due to ongoing construction or refurbishments, temporary solutions become crucial. Bunkabin, a leading provider of temporary accommodation units in the UK, emerges as a beacon of relief in such situations. Known for our bespoke, comfortable, and practical living units, we cater to the unique needs of students, ensuring their academic journey is uninterrupted and comfortable.

Understanding student accommodation needs

The cornerstone of effective student accommodation lies in understanding and catering to the diverse needs of students. Bunkabin, with its vast experience, recognises that students seek more than just a place to sleep; they require an environment conducive to both study and relaxation. This understanding is particularly crucial in scenarios like ongoing construction at educational institutions or when traditional amenities are temporarily unavailable.

Bunkabin’s tailored approach to student accommodation takes into account various aspects of student life. Their units are not only designed to provide comfortable living spaces but also to ensure that students’ academic and social needs are met, even in less-than-ideal circumstances. This reflects Bunkabin's commitment to offering more than just a temporary solution, but a true home away from home for students during times of transition or construction.

Legal requirements for providing student amenities

Educational institutions and private accommodation companies must understand their legal obligations when it comes to providing amenities for students. These obligations ensure that student accommodation not only meets basic living standards but also promotes a safe and conducive learning environment.

Institutions and accommodation providers are required to comply with stringent health and safety regulations. This includes ensuring that buildings are structurally sound, have adequate fire safety measures (like fire alarms and extinguishers), and provide safe living conditions. Regular inspections and maintenance are key to adhering to these standards.

Accommodations must also adhere to accessibility standards, ensuring that students with disabilities have equal access to facilities. This includes provisions for ramps, lifts, and specially adapted rooms or facilities.

Responsibilities of educational institutions and accommodation providers include:

  • Regular upkeep of the property is a legal requirement. This includes timely repairs, ensuring utilities are functioning properly, and keeping communal areas clean and safe.
  • At a minimum, accommodations should provide essential amenities like running water, heating, electricity and internet access. These are not just conveniences but necessities for modern student living by law.
  • Accommodation providers must ensure that their properties are not overcrowded. This is particularly relevant in temporary accommodation setups where space can be a constraint.
  • Adequate security measures like locks on doors, secure windows, and possibly CCTV in communal areas are important for student safety. Additionally, respecting the privacy of student tenants is a legal and ethical necessity.
  • Each local authority may have specific requirements or standards for student accommodation. Providers must stay informed and comply with these local regulations.

The Practical Benefits of Temporary Accommodation and Amenity Solutions

In cases where amenities are lacking, such as in cases where accommodation buildings are under construction or renovation, steps must be taken to ensure students still have access to these somehow. One method of doing so is through the use of temporary solutions, such as cabins for accommodation or access to cooking and washing facilities.

There are many benefits to using temporary solutions over alternatives such as hotel stays or long commutes, such as their cost-effectiveness and eco-mindedness. One of the most compelling advantages of Bunkabin's temporary accommodation is its logistical practicality. We can deliver units to anywhere in the country, including remote or rural locations, while ensuring that all necessary utility connections are established.

Striking a balance between cost-effectiveness and comfort is essential for any project or accommodation manager. Bunkabin's temporary accommodation offerings exemplify this balance, providing a solution that is not only affordable but also attuned to the practical realities of student life. Recognising the financial constraints often faced by students and educational institutions, Bunkabin's units are designed to offer a budget-friendly, temporary alternative to traditional housing. We ensure this through energy-efficient systems and recycled materials, but we do not sacrifice comfort or quality. Our units come equipped with efficient heating, lighting and insulation. This emphasis on energy efficiency not only aids in managing budgets but also aligns with environmentally conscious living standards.

Whether it's a short-term requirement for a summer course or a longer-term solution during a multi-year degree program, our units can be scaled and modified accordingly. Moreover, the ease of setup and removal of units ensures that any changes in plans can be accommodated with minimal disruption.

As well as Site Sleepers, Bunkabin also supplies a range of amenities such as portable toilet and shower blocks, changing and storage spaces, and communal areas where food can be prepared.

Consider temporary accommodation to meet your student housing needs

Bunkabin stands out not only for its budget-friendly and energy-efficient accommodation solutions but also for our commitment to student welfare. Our meticulously designed units provide a comfortable, spacious environment where students can rest, relax, study, and socialise. Features such as en-suite toilets, sinks, wardrobes, shelving, and personal workstations are standard, ensuring a well-rounded living experience that supports students' academic and personal needs.

To learn more, call our team today on 0345 456 7899 or fill out an online contact form and we will be in touch at a time convenient for you.


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