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Latest Bunkabin survey reveals how clean students are

Maintaining a clean and tidy living space is a habit many of us were taught from a young age. A new survey by Bunkabin indicates that many students may have forgotten, or rebelled against, many of the routines that their parents would have tried to instil. Whilst students often get a bad rep for cleanliness, the survey also highlights potentially poor standards of student accommodation available to them.

We surveyed a total of 275 UK university students to learn how they felt about their accommodation experience, finding that many have reported something negative about their living conditions.

No room to grow

Whilst the majority of students were satisfied with the size of their rooms, over one in ten felt that the space provided was too small. With 14% of the students feeling dissatisfied or strongly dissatisfied with their bedroom size, there is room for improvement in providing adequate space in which students can settle comfortably.

How satisfied are you with the size of your bedroom?
Answer ChoicesPercentageResponses
Strongly satisfied31.18%29
Strongly dissatisfied1.08%1

Lacklustre amenities

Whether opting for private accommodation or living in halls provided by the university, the majority of the living spaces are advertised as furnished. However, a notable 15% of students felt dissatisfaction with the quality of the furniture, indicating that the levels of comfort and amenities are not a priority when kitting out a student room.

How satisfied are you with the quality of your furniture?
Answer ChoicesPercentageResponses
Strongly satisfied22.58%21
Strongly dissatisfied2.15%2

Safety is paramount

We asked students to name their top three factors when looking for student accommodation. As student areas around the UK are often under scrutiny for their level of safety and security, it’s no surprise that 69% answered a safe and secure environment was their number one factor. In second place, with 56% of students agreeing, was the location of the accommodation, with high quality facilities rounding off the top three (with 39% of the votes).

What do you feel are the most important factors to consider when looking for student accommodation? (Top three)
Answer ChoicesPercentageResponses
High quality facilities38.71%36
A safe and secure environment68.82%64
Good amenities30.11%28
Noise levels26.88%25
Storage space21.51%20
Size and comfort of bed19.35%18
Air quality/ventilation7.53%7
Other (please specify)3.23%3

One in five have had to complain

Moving into student accommodation is the first time for many to be living outside of the family home, where the maintenance and the responsibility of housekeeping are typically shared amongst family members. After leaving the nest, any issues with accommodation are dealt with by the student - we found that one in five has had to complain about their accommodation.

Have you ever had to complain about your accommodation?
Answer ChoicesPercentageResponses

Over a quarter only wash their bedding once a month

How long one should wash their bedding has long been a cause for debate. Some opt for a weekly wash (27%), whilst others extend its lifespan by another week (44%). Shockingly, 26% of those surveyed only wash their bedding once a month.

How often do you wash your bedding?
Answer ChoicesPercentageResponses
Once a week27.47%25
Once a fortnight43.96%40
Once a month26.37%24
Other (please specify)2.20%2

Sixty per cent make their bed daily

When asked how often their bed is made, our respondents’ answers indicate a relatively tidy mentality. The vast majority, or 60%, make their bed daily, whilst just under a quarter (24%) do so a few times a week. However, 12% answered rarely making their bed, and a further 3% admitted to never doing so.

How often do you make your bed?
Answer ChoicesPercentageResponses
Every day60.44%55
A few times a week24.18%22

Over one in ten rarely clean their room

It’s one thing to clean and tidy a room, but the upkeep of cleanliness divides students. An impressive quarter of the students surveyed claim to clean and tidy their room or shared accommodation every day, while the majority - or 59% - spruce up their living space a few times a week. On the other hand, 14% of students admit to rarely maintaining a clean room, and 1% admit to never getting their hands dirty.

How often do you clean and tidy your room/shared accommodation?
Answer ChoicesPercentageResponses
Every day25.27%23
A few times a week59.34%54


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