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Five reasons why you should choose portable accommodation for your next project

When you’re planning a large-scale professional project at an external site, figuring out exactly how you’re going to transport your team to and from the location is invariably one of the biggest challenges.

In the past, this would be a process that would require significant forward planning, with the available options all posing their own set of problems. Maybe your workers would have to simply commute to the site every day, and deal with the costs and inconvenience that comes with it? Should your business be shelling out a significant amount of money to put the team up at a local hotel for the duration of the project? Or would you just have to count on the hit-and-miss strategy of hoping some other form of local or on-site accommodation was made available?

This has always been a tricky problem to solve, but Bunkabin’s sophisticated portable accommodation options offer a new solution that addresses multiple pain points in a way that’s highly practical, adaptable and is cheaper than you might have thought. With ensuite sleepers starting from just £65pw, excluding transport, this option is not only affordable, it also offers significant gains in terms of sustainability. As such, more and more businesses have been turning to these temporary accommodation options, and it’s a trend that looks likely to carry on gathering momentum in the coming years.

Here are five great reasons why your organisation might want to consider portable accommodation for its next big project:

Flexibility and adaptability

One of the most difficult aspects of organising on-site accommodation is the fact that every work project has different requirements. For short-term undertakings, you may only require a space for a few people to sleep overnight while working late, whereas larger projects may necessitate an entire team relocating to a far-off destination for days or weeks, along with all of the equipment required for the job.

Naturally, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to this, which is why it’s so convenient that portable accommodation does not adhere to a one-size-fits-all model. By contacting a trusted provider like Bunkabin, your business can choose from a broad variety of different unit types for rental, each tailored to specific needs. If all you need is a simple heated cabin with a bed and bathroom facilities, then you’ll be covered, but options are also available for those who require in-built kitchens, high-performance showers, personal workstations and communal social areas.

It means that you’ll be able to find a portable accommodation solution that meets the living and working needs of all of your staff, regardless of whether you’re operating a small crew on an overnight job, or a major project with an open-ended timescale.

Keeping your workforce together

It’s well understood that commuting-related problems can be one of the biggest obstacles to work productivity, and this goes double when coordinating a major off-site project. Asking staff to travel to an external location every day can create significant inconvenience for them and leave the project itself open to the risk of traffic-related delays, and may simply prove impossible if the client’s site is too remote.

Portable on-site accommodation overcomes all of these problems by allowing your organisation to locate all of its workforce in the same place, essentially eliminating travel time without needing to rely on hotel and restaurant services on a daily basis. Instead, they will be able to get everything they need on-site, whether it’s a place to wash, facilities to prepare food, a space to socialise or comfortable sleeping quarters for a good night’s rest.

What’s more, this method also makes it easier for you to keep all of your vehicles and equipment in the right place at all times, which will have significant positive effects on the efficiency and security of your entire operation.

Ready to go when you are

When coordinating a complex project, organisational lead-in times can be significant, so it adds to the inconvenience when accommodation is among the factors that requires significant forward planning. Arranging transportation or hotel accommodation for an entire team can be a logistical nightmare, and a problem that becomes more expensive as your start date approaches; when you’re already dealing with dozens of other planning variables, it can just feel like one headache too many.

That’s why hiring portable accommodation from a provider such as Bunkabin - which prides itself on speedy and efficient service, even when working at very short notice - can be an ideal solution for busy professionals. These cabins are pre-assembled and can be transported in bulk to a destination of your choosing, allowing you to get them up and running as soon as possible, and move on to concentrating on other aspects of your project planning. It also means that if you decide you need more space midway through the work, it’s easy to arrange for additional units to be delivered.

Lower costs

Accommodating workers for a long-term project can often be a costly process. If your staff are having to commute every day, you may need to reimburse them for potentially significant travel costs, while extended hotel stays and reliance on restaurant food can be even more expensive, and building your own on-site accommodation is costlier still. This can significantly cut into your profit margins for the project, and is a problem that will only grow more serious if the schedule overruns and needs to be extended.

Portable cabins offer a solution that allows your organisation to maintain much tighter control over its costs, with the low energy usage and well-insulated design of each unit meaning they are relatively cheap to run, despite offering the same comfort as a regular building. Moreover, the efficiency gains that come with keeping all of your workers on-site will also help you to complete your project on time and within budget, delivering further financial advantages for your company.

Sustainability and energy performance

As mentioned, Bunkabin designs its portable units with sustainability and energy efficiency in mind. Thanks to our commitment to the BS20121 (Sustainable Event Management Systems) standard, we have developed our Junior Deluxe and Bespoke Sleeper units to conform to building regulations, and are the sizes they are to ensure we can fill a load for maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness, so either four Juniors or three Bespoke Sleepers can be transported on a single wagon load.

Not only does this keep operating costs down, but it can also help your business to reduce the environmental impact of the project - a key concern at a time when companies are being held to high standards of scrutiny when it comes to sustainability, and another demonstration of the fact that portable accommodation can solve multiple problems at the same time.


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